Chakana Inca Cross and Aragonite Stone

Andeana Hats is your personal Chakana or bridge that connects the powerful energy of the Sacred Valley to your busy everyday life. Wear Andeana Hats with intention to renew your energy and ground you back to the Earth. Every Andeana Intention hat has a Aragonite Chakana stone pin attached to it. This pin definitely isn’t random! We carefully selected the symbol and material based on their properties. We want each part of the Andeana hat to play an important role in your intention setting. Read on below to learn a little bit more about the Chakana Inca Cross and the Aragonite Stone…

Inca Chakana
Inca Cross

The Chakana Inca Cross

We really felt drawn to the shape of the Andean cross, or Chakana for Andeana Hats. In the Quechua language, “chakana” is a blend of two words “chaka” meaning bridge and “hanan” meaning tall. The Inca believed that the Chakana was a bridge between the three worlds; the world of Gods or what we think of as Heaven, the world of Man; or Earth, and the world of the Dead; or the spiritual realm. Each side of the chakana is a 3-stepped pyramid. This structure of steps connects the underworld, real world, and godly world. The Incas believed that each world had an animal that acted as a mediator between these worlds and humans. The condor was conduit to the godly world, the puma was for the earthly world, and the serpent for the underworld; or the world of the dead. Most ancient Incan ruins and temples have the design of the 3-stepped pyramid for this reason. The 4 points or edges of the Andean cross also represents the cardinal directions of North, South, East and West and also has been described as representing the 4 elements; Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.

The square shape and 4 corners of the square inside the cross represent the 4 seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Sometimes there is a triangle drawn inside of the chakana, which is a mountain shape that signifies Pachamamma, or Mother Earth. The Incas believed that everything is connected to Mother Earth and she is in the center of everything with only a circular hole cut out in the middle representing the Sun god, or a portal to the unknown.

Aragonite Stone

Aragonite Stone from the Sacred Valley

Every stone has mineral properties as well as metaphysical properties associated with it. Aragonite can be found in the Sacred Valley of Peru and is a good stone to have if you wish to form a deeper connection to the Earth. Often called the “conservationist’s stone”, Aragonite is a wonderful Earth healer and encourages conservation of Earth’s precious resources. The energetic properties of Aragonite works with your root chakra to help ground and connect you to the Earth and raises your vibrations and promotes physical and mental healing. Aragonite can also be used for clearing blockages of energy in your heart, mind, and spirit and for healing stress. It is a stabilizing stone that increases energy, boosts self-confidence and centers the energy of those who wear it.

All ancient cultures of the world understood this and no matter what they called it, it was just the spiral of energy that is not only within all of us, but the world around us. We are all beings that are powered by impulses and electrical charges made mostly of water and it only makes sense that swirls of magnetic energy will affect our very beings and literally draw us to them. Whether you believe in it or not, there are unseen forces that surround us everywhere on this planet.

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