Step One: Choose Your Favorite Hat Style

Step Two: Measure Your Head (If you don’t know your hat size already!)

XS = 55cm, S = 56cm, M= 57cm, L= 58cm and XL= 60cm

Step Three: Select Your Color Preference

ANDEANA Hat Colors

Step Four: Select an additional intention band to mix and match with your hat

Step Five: Shop Your Hat and Intention Band

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Andeana Hats

  1. Are Andeana Hats Vegan? No, Andeana Hats are not Vegan. They are made from Alpaca and Sheep Wool. Alpacas regularly need to be sheared as their wool is very thick and they do not shed. Shearing Alpacas and using the wool for clothing has been a tradition practiced by the Quechua communities for centuries.

  2. How Do I Know My Hat Size? Just like clothing and shoes, everyone has their own hat size. The best way to go about finding out your hat size is to measure the diameter of you head with a measuring tape. Our sizes are as follows: XS (55cm), S (56cm), M (57cm), L (58cm) and XL (60cm).

  3. How Can I Take Care of My Hat? Brush off dust and lint with a soft brush, use a damp cloth to spot clean, gently steam hat brim with an iron or steamer to re-store shape.

  4. Does Andeana Ship Worldwide? Yes, Andeana Hats ships worldwide, however there is an additional shipping charge for international shipping outside of the United States. Please contact us for more information.