Each of our Andean intention bands tell their own story and have their own meaning. They are yours to wear with intention. Which intention will you wear?

Yaku Intention Hat

Yaku- Vitality

By wearing our Fedora Style Hat, Yaku, you are calling vitality into your life. Yaku means Water in Quechua, which is the source of life. This diamond design represents lakes. When there is something depicted inside of the diamond it means the lake is healthy and strong.

Munay Intention Hat

Munay- LOVE

By wearing our Western Style Hat, Munay, you are calling love into your life. Munay means Love in Quechua, this X O design is one of the first patterns that girls will learn from their mothers at a young age when being taught the ancient Incan weaving designs (xoxo)

Sacha Intention Hat

Sacha- Connection

By wearing our Bucket Style Hat, Sacha, you are calling in more meaningful and spiritual connections into your life. Sacha means tree or forest in Quechua. This design of branches that are often used as a border for larger textiles represents the Tree of Life which is the source connects all three layers of Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld.

Tika Intention Hat

Tika- Abundance

By wearing our Floppy Style Hat, Tika, you are calling in abundance into your life. Tika means Potato Flower in Quechua. This design shows the importance of potatoes to the Andes and its people. When you plant and nurture a seed, it will continue to grow and give you more than what you started with. The Andean people believe that if you respect or pay homage to the earth, it will reward you abundantly.

Nawi Intention Hat

Nawi- Protection

By wearing our Spanish Style Hat, Nawi, you are calling protection and good luck into your life. Nawi means Eye in Quechua. This “evil eye” pattern protects the textile and wearer by “reflecting” bad energy away, allowing a change of fortune and luck to enter in. The “Evil Eye” symbol is one of the only symbols that spans across all cultures, oceans, and religions, reaching as far as the Incan empire.

Puma Intention Band


By wearing our Bowler Style Hat, Puma, you are calling balance and equilibrium into your life. The animal Puma, in Quechua, represented Kay Pacha, or the God of the Middle World (Earth). The symbol of the puma claw shows the importance of being grounded in the earthly world that’s inhabited by living beings. It’s a symbol of balance, equilibrium, symmetry and calmness.

Inca Chakana

The Chakana or Andean Cross

By wearing our chakana stone broche, you are calling in more connection between all layers of your life; mind, body, and spirit. Every shape, symbol, and stone to the Quechua people has great meaning, which was why not only the stone we chose to adorn our hats was very important, but the shape of the stone as well.

In the Quechua language, “chakana” is a blend of two words “chaka” meaning bridge and “hanan” meaning tall. The Inca believed that the Chakana was a bridge between the three worlds; the world of Gods or what we think of as Heaven, the world of Man; or Earth, and the world of the Dead; or the spiritual realm, which is why each side of the chakana is a 3-stepped pyramid.

The Incas believed that everything is connected to Mother Earth, or Pachamama, and she is in the center of everything with only a circular hole cut out in the middle representing the Sun god, or a portal to the unknown.


Aragonite Crystal from the Sacred Valley

By wearing our Aragonite stone broche, you are calling in more connection to Pachamama, or Mother Earth into your life. The Aragonite stone sourced from the Sacred Valley, works with your root chakra to help ground and connect you to the Earth.  The energetic property of this stone raises your vibrations and promotes physical and mental healing.  Aragonite can also be used for clearing blockages of energy in your heart, mind, and spirit and is helpful in healing stress.

Aragonite Stone