Andeana Women’s Retreat in Peru

Spend 8-Days and 7-Nights with Pats and Laura visiting the origin of both of their businesses; Andeana Hats and Glossy Paradise. On this tour between the Sacred Valley and Peruvian Amazon, you will get to meet the communities behind their products, see how they create them from scratch, and get a bit of relaxation and exploration in while taking in the incredible beauty of these two completely different worlds that both exist within Peru.

This is an exciting itinerary that takes you to the highlights of Peru and areas where regular tourists don’t get to travel to. You’ll explore two very different terrains and climates, all off the tourist beaten path! The Andes Mountains and Amazon Rainforest are fascinating destinations that should be on everyone’s travel bucket lists. We’ll be focusing on spirituality and intention setting while in the Andes Mountains and self-care and wellness while in the Amazon. The best part about this trip is that everyone will receive a special swag bag with Andeana and Glossy Paradise products. Come travel, have fun, and do good all at the same time!

Cost: $4,700 per person, all-inclusive*
Date: March 8 - 15, 2020

Travel with Intention and Impact: Women’s Retreat Itinerary

Day 1 Cusco Peru
Sacred Valley Tour
Sacred Valley Tours

Day 1: Sunday March 8, 2020
Travel to Cusco, Pachamama Ceremony & Maras and Moray Tour

Welcome to Peru! It’s our first day here and we’ll be meeting at the Lima Airport early morning to fly off to the Incan Capital city, Cusco! We recommend arriving to Lima the day before so you have enough time to settle in. Once we arrive to Cusco, we’ll drive over to the magical Sacred Valley where we will have a picnic lunch at a nearby lake, surrounded by the Andes mountains. An Andean Shaman will be joining us to perform the powerful Pachamama Ceremony. This is an ancient offerings ceremony giving thanks to mother Earth and connecting the material world to the spiritual world. Afterwards we’ll go to the town of Maras to visit a traditional hat making workshop. We will also visit the breathtaking Maras Salt Mines and Moray Ruins. We’ll then drive to the Incan town, Ollantaytambo, where we’ll spend the night.


• Meet at Lima Airport in the Morning
• Fly to Cusco and Transfer to the Magical Sacred Valley
• Picnic Lake Lunch with Pachamama Ceremony, Hand Out Intention Bags & Personal Intentions Talk
• Maras Hat Workshop Tour
• Maras and Moray Tour
• Transfer to Ollantaytambo
• Check into Hotel & Andean Tea Time and Snacks Break
• Pizza Dinner in Ollantaytambo and Introduction to the Group and Itinerary Overview
• Overnight in Ollantaytambo (Parwa Guesthouse)

Ollantaytambo Ruins
Pachamanca Lunch

Day 2: Monday March 9, 2010
The Andeana Story Talk, Ollantaytambo Ruins, Pachamanca Lunch, Organic Farm Visit

Wake up in Ollantaytambo and get ready for another exciting day! This morning we’ll be exploring the cobble stone streets of this ancient Incan town. We’ll visit Awamaki’s store where you can learn more about the NGO we work with and we’ll have Peruvian coffee in a cute cafe to talk about the Andeana story and mission. Visiting the nearby organic farm to have a Pachamanca Lunch (Earth Oven Lunch - a traditional Andean cooking technique) is the highlight of the day! After lunch we’ll trek the fascinating Ollantaytambo ruins to see the town from a unique perspective. This Incan fortress will surely impress you as it’s one one of the best preserved structures in Peru. The irrigation terraces the Incas built are still in perfect condition. The ruins are truly a site to be seen and explored! After a busy day exploring the town, we’ll head to Chuncho for lunch in the town’s main square. Chuncho restaurant is owned by the organic farm we visited earlier in the day. Our dinner will be a 100% farm to table experience with exquisite Andean ingredients. After dinner and drinks, we’ll head back to the hotel to spend the night in Ollantaytambo.

• Walk Around Ollantaytambo
• Awamaki Store Visit
• Peruvian coffee at Abuelo Cafe & Andeana Story and Mission
• Pachamanca Lunch and Organic Farm Visit
• Andean Tea Time/Chill time at the Hotel
• Ollantaytambo Ruins
• Chuncho Restaurant Farm to Table Dinner
• Overnight in Ollantaytambo (Parwa Guesthouse)

Huilloc Community Visit
Quechua Weaving Community
Visit Weaving Community

Day 3: Tuesday March 10, 2020
Visit the Quechua Weaving Community in Patacancha Valley

This is everyone’s favorite day! This morning we’re heading up high to the Patacancha Valley to visit the weaving community who works with Andeana Hats. We’ll be taking part of a weaving lesson instructed by one of the Awamaki Artisans. Begin with spinning wool into yarn, learn how local plants are used as natural dyes, and finally weave your own bracelet. Enjoy a home-cooked meal in a weaver’s home, including soup and a main course. By visiting this community, you are contributing to the empowerment of women and helping support global artisans to continue their vanishing crafts. We’ll be making a few stops in the Patacancha valley to observe agricultural terraces and the oldest church in the valley. The sights along the way are breathtaking! Once we’re back, we’ll be having dinner in the nearby town of Urubamba. After dinner we’ll be spending our final night in Ollantaytambo. The city of Cusco awaits us first thing in the morning!


• Morning Visit to Patacancha Weaving Community with Awamaki
• Meet the Women who create Andeana Hats
• Weaving demonstration, weave your own friendship bracelet, visit the oldest church in the valley
• Lunch with the Weaving Community
• Andean Tea Time and Snacks at the Hotel
• Dinner in Urubamba
• Overnight in Ollantaytambo (Parwa Guesthouse)

Peru Tours
Cusco City Tour
Andeana Hats

Day 4: Wednesday March 11, 2020
Explore Cusco City and Surrounding Ruins

Since we are finally acclimatized to the altitude, this morning we head back to Cusco to explore one of the most fascinating cities in the entire world. This morning we’ll do a walking tour of Cusco, exploring the historic cathedrals, town squares and hidden passageways. We’re sure you’ll be impressed with this city and you’ll have plenty of questions for our guide. After exploring Cusco’s highlights, we’ll stop to have a traditional Cusqueño Lunch near San Blas square. Then, we still have an adventurous afternoon as we head up to visit the famous ancient Tambomachay and Saqsaywaman Ruins. These ruins are just as important as Machu Picchu. You’ll be fascinated by the history and creation of these massive Incan stone walls. Wander through archways, see ceremonial altars, and much more. At the end of the day we’ll be visiting the super fun Fallen Angel art bar for an evening of dinner and drinks as we say goodbye to the first chapter of our retreat. It’s sad to say goodbye to the Andes Mountains, but the Amazon Rainforest is waiting for us!


• Morning Transfer to Cusco
• Morning Tour of Cusco City
• Check into the Hotel & Tea Time
• Lunch at Pachapapa in San Blas Cusco
• Tambomachay and Saqsaywaman Ruins Tour
• Goodbye Dinner and Drinks at Fallen Angel
• Overnight in Cusco (XO Arte House)

Amazon River Tour
peru jungle visit
Women Who Travel

Day 5: Thursday March 12, 2020
Amazon Jungle Lodge, Intention Mapping, Chakra Ceremony and Nocturnal Wildlife Walk

This morning we arrive to the Amazon Jungle! This is an exciting day, as we completely switch terrains and climates. We arrive to Iquitos, the largest city in Peru’s Amazon. We’ll take a car ride over to Nauta, a small port town, where we’ll board a boat to take us to our Amazon Jungle Lodge. Once we arrive to the remote Amazon, we’ll enjoy a Welcome Lunch. We’ll have the afternoon to settle down and enjoy a few Amazonian Medicinal Plants and Superfood spa treatments. After a delicious fresh Amazonian dinner, we’ll enjoy a special intention mapping ceremony, along with a full chakra cleanse, Amazon jungle style! For those who dare, we’ll head out to look for nocturnal wildlife during our night walk.


• Early Flight to Iquitos City and Transfer to Nauta Port
• Travel by Boat to the Amazon Lodge
• Welcome Lunch at the Amazon Lodge
• Settle down at the lodge, rest, and start your Amazonian plant spa treatments
• Dinner & Personal Intention Mapping, Chakra Cleansing Ceremony
• Nocturnal Jungle Walk

Amazon River
Amazon Rainforest
Amazon River

Day 6: Friday March 13, 2020
Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Medicinal Plant Walk, Glossy Paradise Face Yoga & Spa Treatments

We’ll wake up early this morning to head out to look for wildlife in the pristine Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. This area of the rainforest is known for it’s biodiversity, and is home to many Amazonian animals from pink dolphins to spider monkeys and three-toed sloths. It's also home to hundreds of bird species, like colorful macaws and toucans. After exploring the reserve, we’ll head back to the lodge for lunch. Then we’re off again to look for medicinal plants and Amazonian superfoods. When we get back to the lodge, we’ll enjoy a face yoga session with Glossy Paradise Superfood Skincare oils. After dinner we’ll continue with our Amazonian spa treatments and head to bed early!


• Breakfast and Early Morning Excursion to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
• Back to the Lodge to rest and Lunch
• Medicinal Plant and Superfood Jungle Walk
• Glossy Paradise Face Yoga and Oil Talk
• Dinner and Amazonian Spa Treatments

Piranha Fishing
Women who travel Peru
Andeana Womens Retreat

Day 7: Saturday March 14, 2020
Pink River Dolphin Excursions, Piranha Fishing, Community Visit, Shaman Healing Ceremony

It’s another early morning for us as we head out to look for pink river dolphins! Afterwards we’ll try our best at piranha fishing. After fishing, we will visit a local Amazon community to learn about the jungle’s culture and overall way of life. Once we get back to the lodge, we’ll have lunch and meet with a local artisan who creates beautiful Amazonian artwork. Her artwork is based on her magical Ayahuasca visions. We’ll have a farewell dinner at the lodge followed by a farewell healing ceremony by a traditional female Shaman Healer. After all of these activities, we’ll all need a solid night’s rest in the Amazon Jungle!


• Breakfast and Morning Excursions to see Pink River Dolphins
• Piranha Fishing and Community Visit
• Back to the Lodge for Lunch
• Ayahuasca artwork and weavings demonstration & Amazonian Spa Treatments
• Dinner at the Lodge
• Goodbye Healing Ceremony with Local Shaman Healer

Iquitos Tours
Peru Womens Tours
travel to Peru

Day 8: Sunday March 15, 2020
Amazon Jungle and Back to Lima

It’s our last morning in Peru and we’ll make the most of it! We say goodbye to our lovely Amazon lodge and head back to Iquitos City. In the city we’ll visit the Manatee Rescue Center to help out with the Amazon Wildlife in rehabilitation. We have the chance to see Manatees, Three-Toed Sloths, Monkeys and other animals. After this visit, we’ll go to Al Frio and Al Fuego for our last lunch. This is a floating restaurant in the middle of the Amazon River. The Amazonian food at the restaurant is absolutely delicious, making it the best spot for our last lunch. The restaurant also has a pool and lounge where we’ll relax a bit before heading back to the airport. Wow! What a memorable trip this has been! We head the airport to say our final goodbyes! Until next time!


• Goodbye Breakfast and head back to Iquitos City
• Visit the Manatee Rescue Center
• Al Frio y Al Fuego Restaurant for lunch and rest before heading back to the Airport
• Final goodbye and flight to Lima airport



• Cost of 8-Day trip $4,700 per person based on double occupancy.
• To book, you must leave a 50% non-refundable deposit. The second deposit is due 60-days before travel


• All accommodation & meals (as listed in the itinerary)
• Transfers to and from airport (as listed in the itinerary)
• Domestic flights in Peru
• All activities, excursions and tours (as listed in itinerary)
• Swag Bag with an Andeana Hat of your choice and Glossy Paradise oil

*Not Included:

• International Airfare
• Travel & Health Insurance
• Applicable Travel Visas or Reciprocity Fees
• Tips for Guides/Hotels/Restaurants
• Machu Picchu excursion (for those interested we can help guide you how to set this up)
• Personal Expenses


OR if you would like to talk to us directly: