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Summer Days

Handmade by Artisans in Guatemala.

Alpaca Wool Hats

Helping preserve vanishing crafts in Peru.


Each Andeana Hat comes with your choice of an Intention Hat Band.

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How we help

Embroidered Hat Bands from Peru


Andeana Hats has global partnerships with Mayu Mission and Awamaki, non-profit organizations based in the Sacred Valley of Peru and Tinte Maya, a collective of female weavers in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala. Both organizations empower women and help to connect indigenous communities in the remote Andes mountain regions of Peru and Lake Atítlan, Guatemala to global marketplaces.

Textile Hat Band


Andeana wants to harness the energy of the Sacred Valley into every hat; helping the people that wear them to ground themselves back to the Earth. What we need now more than ever in our world is connection. In a time where we can be so disconnected by technology, it’s encouraging to know that we can renew our own positive energy by tapping into the power grid of our planet.

Sustainable Hats


The vanishing art of textiles and hatmaking is still a surviving link to the great civilizations of the Inca and Maya. The Quechua textile weavers of the Sacred Valley, Peru and the K’iche hat artisans of Guatemala who work with Andeana Hats, all come from generations of weavers who have passed these ancient traditions down. Our Artisan partners make a living through preserving their traditions.

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