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Andeana Hats partnered with Awamaki, a non-profit organization based in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Awamaki empowers women and helps connect indigenous communities in the remote Andes mountain regions of Peru to global marketplaces. By weaving, many women have now become the breadwinner of their families. They are able to earn money while passing down their ancient tradition.

Andeana Intention


What we need now more than ever in our world is connection. In a time where we can be so disconnected by technology, it’s encouraging to know that we can renew our own positive energy by tapping into the power grid of our planet. Andeana wants to harness the energy of the Sacred Valley into every hat; helping the people that wear them to ground themselves back to the Earth.

Sustainability Peru


The vanishing art of textiles is still a surviving link to the great civilization of the Incas. The Quechua textile weavers of the Sacred Valley who work with Andeana Hats, all come from generations of weavers who have passed these ancient traditions down to them. All Andeana Hat bands are hand-made. The alpaca wool is hand-spun into thread, dyed by natural dyes, and skillfully woven into bands.

Andeana creates hats in the Sacred Valley of Peru that capture the energy of the Andean people; infusing it into the everyday lives of those who wear them. Wear Andeana Hats with intention to renew your energy and ground you back to the Earth.
Hand Woven Textile Band

Hand Woven Textile Band

The vanishing art of textiles is still a surviving link to the great civilization of the Incas and all of their traditions. Each Andeana textile band has an ancient Incan message woven within it. Through its symbols and colors, the band encourages you to set daily positive intentions to help you conquer your goals.


Chakana crystal

Every Andeana hat has an Aragonite stone in the shape of the Incan cross, or “chakana”. This shape traditionally represents the constellation of the Southern Cross, which in old Andes lore was the centre of the Universe. The energetic properties of Aragonite helps ground and connect you to the Earth.

Andeana Handmade Hat

The Andeana Hat

Andeana hats are made in Peru by indigenous women artisans and local hat makers. The hats are made of 100% sheep wool and adorned with a hand-woven Andean textile intention band. Pinned to the band is the Aragonite chakana stone. These elements combined make up the energetically-charged Andeana Hat.

Wear with Intention: Andeana Bands are actually Ancient Woven Messages

Natural Dyes

The Sacred Valley in the Andes Mountains of Peru has an unseen, yet very powerful and positive energy. Our intention is to capture that energy and share it with those who wear our hats. Each Andeana hat carries an intention with it and can protect the chakras of the person wearing it. Each design, stone, shape, and material of the collection has been carefully thought out and sourced from mother nature herself.

Ancient Quechua people were very tapped into the energy of the Earth. They used to greet each other by forming a figure 8, or infinity symbol, by clasping each of the other person’s opposite hands. This creates an infinite circuit of energy between the two people unlike a traditional handshake which cuts off the energy current between two people. Their hands would create spirals like yin and yang, blending their energy. We are all beings that are powered by electrical impulses and it only makes sense that the swirls of magnetic energy around us affect us. Help us to continue this current of positive energy by wearing an Andeana hat.


Weaving Peru
“You have to practice your craft, to support your family and have their respect. Women should work so that they can support their families and make their own decisions.” -Elena, Huilloc Weaver

To the women of the Huilloc, Patacancha and Kelkanka communities, it is vital to pass their weaving traditions on and teach their children to be able to recreate the ancient patterns of their people so that they won’t get lost. The women usually weave a few hours a day, mixed in with their other household responsibilities like taking care of the animals, cooking, cleaning, and being home with the children. Now, many of the women are making more money than their husbands due to the success of selling their textiles. Rather than feel threatened, the men have positively embraced this shift in roles of the women becoming the breadwinner of the family and they have started to help take care of the kids and contribute in the daily chores. Both the men and women of these Andean communities are proud that the women are earning more money, allowing them to help buy more things like clothes, food, school supplies, and medicine. They are also learning the importance of self-confidence, and making their own decisions based on their wants and needs.

Combining Our Passions: Travel, Sustainable Design, and Women’s Empowerment

The concept for “Andeana Hats” was born out of the shared affinity for the Sacred Valley, Peru, its land, culture, energy and people by both founders, Laura Grier and Pats Krysiak. While trekking together on the infamous Ausangate trek across the Rainbow Mountains, Pats and Laura came across many amazing Andean women and were captivated with their unique hats and weavings. Determined to share the energy of the Sacred Valley with the world and to help bring awareness to these female artisans and their cultural practices, Laura and Pats came up with the concept of combining their personal hat styles with their traditional weavings to create apparel that captures the energy and culture of the Andean people and infuses it into the everyday life of those who wear them.

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