Wear your intention

Each one of our Andeana intention bands tell their own story and have their own meaning. Handcrafted textiles that embody culture and tradition, they are yours to wear with intention. Which intention will you choose to wear on your custom Andeana Hat?

Happiness - Ayni

By wearing our Ayni intention band, you are calling in more happiness, gratitude, and reciprocity into your life. To the Quechua people, the idea of "happiness" is when there is reciprocated energy in nature and the universe. “Ayni”, meaning “today for you, tomorrow for me,” suggests that giving comes before receiving. This colorful, dotted pattern represents the gathering of energy and living beings that work together to become a unified whole.

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Resilience - Rapi

By wearing our Intention band, Rapi, you are calling resilience into your life. Rapi means Coca Leaf in Quechua, which is the most resilient plant being able to grow at extreme high altitudes. The leaf of the coca can be chewed or brewed into a tea to help the people in the Andes mountains combat the symptoms of altitude sickness. The symbol of the coca leaf represents strength and courage in the face of adversity and hardships and the ability to recover quickly.

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Purpose - Mayu

By wearing our Mayu intention band you are calling your destiny or purpose into your life. Mayu means River in Quechua and the Quechua people always find a way to describe ideas in their language metaphorically through nature. Just as a river always flows in one direction yet at times changing course as it ends up at its final destination, so does a person when they pursue their truth path. Let this intention guide you in the right direction.

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Vitality - yaku

By wearing the Yaku band, you are calling vitality into your life. Yaku means Water in Quechua, which is the source of life. This diamond design represents lakes. When there is something depicted inside of the diamond it means the lake is healthy and strong. This intention calls in physical health for the body and mental well-being for the mind and spirit. Health is Wealth.

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Connection - Sacha

By wearing the Sacha band, you are calling in more meaningful and spiritual connections into your life. Sacha means tree or forest in Quechua. This design of branches that are often used as a border for larger textiles represents the Tree of Life which is the source connects all three layers of Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. Connect with what you need in all areas of life.

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Balance - Puma Claw

By the Puma Claw band, you are calling balance and equilibrium into your life. The animal Puma, in Quechua, represented Kay Pacha, or the God of the Middle World (Earth). The symbol of the puma claw shows the importance of being grounded in the earthly world that’s inhabited by living beings. It’s a symbol of equilibrium and encouraging balance in your day-to-day life.

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Love - Munay

By wearing the Munay band, you are calling love into your life. Munay means Love in Quechua, this X O design is one of the first patterns that girls will learn from their mothers at a young age to weave when being taught the ancient Incan weaving designs. Perhaps inspired by Ayahuasca and plant medicine, the Quechua believe that this pattern is the fabric of the universe and what all matter is made from. Essentially, this design represents “universal love.” This intention strengthens family love, soulmate love and most importantly, self-love.

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Protection - Nawi

By wearing the Nawi band, you are calling protection and good luck into your life. Nawi means Eye in Quechua. This “evil eye” pattern protects the textile and wearer by “reflecting” bad energy away, allowing a change of fortune and luck to enter in. The “Evil Eye” symbol is one of the only symbols that spans across all cultures, oceans, and religions, reaching as far as the Incan empire. Wear this intention when faced with adversity or uncertainty to give you strength, confidence, positive energy and protection.

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By wearing our Taclla intention band you are calling perseverance and commitment into your life. Taclla means plow in Quechua and the Quechua people use this foot plow to turn the soil so they can sow the seeds and plant for their future crops. Before they use the plow, they believe in honoring Pachamama, or Mother Earth so that she will in turn gift them with a bountiful harvest. This band literally and figuratively represents the idea of “Reaping what you sow” and putting in the commitment.


Abundance - Tika

By wearing the Tika band, you are calling in abundance into your life. Tika means Potato Flower in Quechua. This design shows the importance of potatoes to the Andes and its people. When you plant and nurture a seed, it will continue to grow and give you more than what you started with. The Andean people believe that if you respect or pay homage to the earth, it will reward you abundantly. By wearing this intention you will be reminded that abundance is all around you and you will look at the world in a new perspective.

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Power - Apu

By wearing the Apu intention band, you are calling in more spiritual strength into your life. Apu can mean both “God” or “mountain” in Quechua. This design of the mountain skyline of the Sacred Valley is a powerful symbol. The Incas believed that the mountains have a spirit that is alive. In Peruvian mythology, the Andes Mountains rise up from the human world toward the spiritual realm giving the Incas a connection to the most powerful gods in the heavens. To them, spirituality was the strongest and ultimate power a human could have

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Wisdom - Chaska

By wearing our Chaska Intention band, you are calling wisdom into your life and the ability to connect with the universe to learn spiritual truths. "Chaska" means star in Quechua and in the Andean tradition the stars were almost a mirror of their life on Earth, with many of the same animals and items represented. The Inca were the only culture to believe that all of the constellations were formed by the dark spaces between the stars, not the stars themselves. You will be reminded to gain wisdom from your life experiences and learn from the ancient knowledge of our ancestors.

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Surrender - Saqey

By wearing our Saq’ey Intention band, you are calling in Surrender, release, and liberation into your life and letting go of things that do not serve you anymore. “Saq’ey” means “Leave it Behind” in Quechua and it is symbolized by the serpent or zig-zag pattern.  In the Inca culture, the serpent, or Ukhu Pacha, is the God of the Underworld. Rather than representing death,  the snake was a symbol of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. Just like a snake sheds its unwanted skin to start fresh, we need to shed our old beliefs and thought patterns and to find peace within to continue growing. The Inca believed the serpent represented eternity and the continual renewal of life.

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Flourish - Wayta

By wearing our Wayta Intention band, you are calling in Prosperity, success, and growth into your life. “Wayta” meaning “flowers” in Quechua is represented by the the famous embroidered flower motif popular with the Wari artisans in the Ayacucho region. Ayacucho has a long history of socio-political violence from Colonial times to the Guerrilla insurgency in the 1980’s. During times of conflict, the women of Ayacucho became the main bread-winners of their families through selling their embroidery. Now in peacetime, they have introduced more vivid, blooming flower designs as a sign of the rebirth of a city that was once destroyed and representing the joy of new flourishing times.

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Gratitude - Kintus

By wearing our K’intus Intention band, you are calling Gratitude into your life. “K’intus” means a “bouquet” or the coming together of an offering that shamans bundle together with coca leaves, flowers, or fava beans as an offering to Pachamama. In ancient Quechua, Pachamama has been revered as the spirit of Mother Earth. It is she who harvests the land so that farmers can grow crops for their survival, brings the rains, and has the power to sustain or destroy life on Earth. An offering to Pachamama is a kind of reciprocity between the material and spiritual world that reminds us to be grateful for everything we have been given; remembering to give back what we have already taken from the Earth.

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honor - kuychi

By wearing our K’uychi Intention band, you are calling in honor and luck into your life. K’uychi means Rainbow in Quechua and according to Inca mythology, Manco Capac, the mythical founder of the Inca Empire, considered the rainbow a sacred and fortunate sign that the world would not be destroyed by water. The Cusqueño flag is a rainbow and is a tribute to their heritage and their founder. Quechua populations make up about 40% of the people in Peru and over the years they have experienced great discrimination, but their deep respect for their culture, spirituality, values and lifestyle has always prevailed. Honoring one’s heritage is the greatest form of respect. This intention can also act as a reminder of being proud of oneself and their identity. It's a vital part of leading a healthy and happy life.

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conscious - pacha

By wearing the Pacha intention band, you are calling in consciousness and energy flow into your daily life. The spiral design is an important symbol in Inca mythology representing equilibrium. The spiral is an ancient symbol of unity, wholeness and completion and it represents the never-ending cycle of life and a path to the Creator. “Pacha Mama” or Mother Earth is represented by the symbol of the Spiral, which serves as a representation of the movement of the energy of Earth and the Universe. With everything originating from the centre and expanding outwards, the Spiral serves as a valuable model for the transformation and growth of human consciousness. Pacha also refers to a specific moment in time, encouraging its wearer to be conscious of the present moment. Be conscious of the now, the present moment you are in.

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Intuition - Kojo

By wearing the Kojo intention band, you are calling in more intuition and trust into your daily life. The square woven design to the Maya represents the Four cardinal Directions (North, South, East, and West) the stages of life (birth, youth, elder, death), the seasons of the year (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall), the Aspects of life (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical), and the Elements of nature (Earth, Fire, Wind and Water). The Maya civilization had four cardinal directions – and a fifth element for the center of these directions representing other dimensions. The square pattern repeated 5 times represents this 5th unknown dimension. Believing in this quadrant of core principles will create a strong foundation for all of your spiritual and earthly notions, which will help solidify core belief systems in your life.

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Unity - Inlak’ech

By wearing the Inlak’ech intention band, you are calling in “unity” and “respect for all beings” into your life. Inlak’ech, which in Mayan means “You are my other me”, represents the concept of the universe as a great unity where everything is related. In Mayan culture, we do not exist as separate entities, we exist from our belonging and relationship with the community and with everything that surrounds us. Not just individuals, but plants, animals, the winds, and the spirits are united and nothing exists without the relationship to the other. That is why any action of one affects the other. Just as the night does not exist without the day, everything is connected and we have to hold a deep respect for how we are all part of a whole. Each color woven into this intention band represents the diversity of all living things that are different, yet are all woven together.

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Transformation - Chakana

By wearing our Chakana intention band you are calling in “transformation” and personal evolution into your life. In Quechua, "Chakana" translates to "bridge" or "crossing over." The shape of the Chakana, or Inca Cross, is the most important Inca symbols and represents the Southern Cross constellation. The stair-steps between the four cardinal points each represent a stage of emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development: (Love, awareness, Passion, and Productivity). The center of the Inca Cross is the portal to the unknown representing achievement of spiritual wisdom and the awakening of our higher consciousness. The three step design also represents the three realms of spirituality (past-underworld, present-material world, future-God). Thus, the Chakana is a symbol of the collective unconscious which was an Incan map for complete spiritual development.

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preserving Andean weaving


Andean weaving is a dying ancient craft, that is considered to be an endangered tradition. Weaving is more than just an art form or skill, it’s an expression of culture, history and geography. The profound techniques that go into each textile and the cultural meaning behind them need to be passed down from generation to generation in order to survive.



Andeana intention bands are made from natural dyes. This is the traditional way the Incas used to dye their textiles. Plants, flowers and sometimes even insects are used to create these natural colors. Our bands are made from traditional natural fibers. Our weavers shear, wash and hand spin their own alpaca, llama and sheep wool. This all roots back to pre-Incas.

handmade peruvian textiles


Each and every Andeana intention band is handcrafted, thread by thread, by the hands of our weavers. Each piece has its own unique story to tell and shows a little personal history of its maker. Each band embodies the skill, talent and personality of the woman who created it. It is a symbol of the hard work and dedicated working hours of each weaver.