Renegade Craft Los Angeles Pop-Up

We're based in Los Angeles and Lima, Peru. Whenever we get a change to participate in a pop-up that's local, we're there! We've been attending Renegade Craft Los Angeles for the past few years. Let's take a look to see what Renegade Craft is all about!

About Renegade Craft

Renegade Craft is the leading showcase of independent craft and design. Founded in 2003, Renegade was the first event of its kind, and today has built grassroots creative community across the U.S. and beyond.

Renegade empowers emerging & established creative small businesses to do what they love by introducing them to Renegade’s widespread audience while championing symbiotic, sustainable, and inspiring shopping and selling experiences.


Blast from the Past, check out our Virtual Renegade Craft Pop-Up

While in full lockdown, Andeana Hats participated in Renegade’s Virtual Craft Fair. Renegade promotes mindfulness shopping, a practice that focuses on becoming aware of how objects are made, who makes those objects and where your money is actually going when you purchase those objects. Shopping small is an easy first step to becoming a more mindful consumer.

The goal is to champion creative entrepreneurs, advance the creative economy, and build community at vibrant and dynamic events. We really enjoy attending pop-ups since it gives us an opportunity to meet all of you and really connect with you about our own Andeana Hats mission. For the health and safety of everyone, most of our summer and fall Andeana pop ups have been canceled.

Instead of closing shop all together, we turned to Zoom and Instagram for a dynamic way to get together with you! Watch our full presentation below to see how we connected with the entire Renegade community of artists and creatives.


Did you watch our 2 hour storytelling virtual pop up session between Peru, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles? We can chat for hours about Andeana Hats, our sustainable fashion brand, the origin and meaning behind the company, and how we are helping support Quechua Women across the globe in Peru. If you don’t have the time, read on below to get the take-aways and to understand what makes us a handcrafted brand.

Renegade Craft Andeana


Each of our Andeana hats are made in a small traditional workshop run by a family from Ayacucho, Peru (an Andean town known for it’s folklore art and craftsmanship). They are all hand-shaped and handmade using a felt blend of alpaca and sheep wool. The artisans in the workshop do not use any machines, with the help of hat moulds, they create everything by hand.

Andeana Hats Renegade Craft


Each and every Andeana intention band is handcrafted, thread by thread, by the hands of our weavers. Each piece has its own unique story to tell and shows a little personal history of its maker. Each band embodies the skill, talent and personality of the woman who created it. It is a symbol of the hard work and dedicated working hours of each weaver.

Andeana intention bands are made from natural dyes. This is the traditional way the Incas used to dye their textiles. Plants, flowers and sometimes even insects are used to create these natural colors. Our bands are made from traditional natural fibers. Our weavers shear, wash and hand spin their own alpaca, llama and sheep wool. This all roots back to pre-Incas. 

We’ve partnered with Awamaki, a non-profit based in Ollantaytambo, Peru to create our woven textile intention bands. Awamaki's work connects artisans to markets through our programs in sustainable tourism, fair trade craft sales, and volunteering. The women's artisanal cooperatives program provides skill training and education to the cooperatives and also connects them to local and global fair trade markets for their crafts. Awamaki's sustainable tourism program trains rural and indigenous women to host visitors, sell their hand-woven products, teach Spanish and Quechua and lead Peruvian cooking classes.

Many of the communities we partner with are tucked away high up in the mountains around Ollantaytambo, with only steep dirt roads as access to the town and limited public transport. The community members lead very simple lives, with little access to materialistic goods. They live with a strong sense of community, educating their children about their native language and culture and how to live amongst the surrounding nature.

Andeana Hats Peruvian Hats


While the future of our in-person events is still unknown, what we do know for certain is that we will try to connect with you through virtual pop-ups. If you are located in the Los Angeles area, we can also schedule personalized drop-off services. Let us know if you would like us to come to you with a small selection of Andeana Hats to try on.

Virtual Pop Up Andeana Hats

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Renegade Craft Virtual Pop-Up and some more insight into Andeana Hats, our sustainable hat company based in the Sacred Valley and Los Angeles. For more information about Andeana Hats, you can a Shop Andeana Hats or learn more about our Intention Bands by clicking the links. Contact Us if you have any other questions.