ROW DTLA Pop-Up and Influencer Shoot

Our first ever Andeana Hats pop-up was at Row DTLA. We scheduled a month's worth of activities and events free for everyone to enjoy. The ROW DTLA is a collective of entrepreneurial innovators who are pushing LA culture forward with concepts designed to make a global impact. This edited set of brands offer the finest in experiential retail and wellness: fresh, unique, and uplifting!

Andeana Hats programmed over 4,000 sq feet of gallery space and built out their Global Impact Marketplace featuring artisan-made fashion and home goods from all over the world. In addition, we hosted nightly events, talks, pop ups, and networking cocktail hours featuring everything from Women’s entrepreneurial groups, sound baths, Men’s relationship coaching, Travel talks, live music, and much more.

We were also lucky to partner with local influencers who helped promote our sustainable hat brand. Let's take a look at some of the photos! Thank you to Sarah Najafi, Elisa Mar, Olivia Steele, Leslie Durso and Ricki Lake!

By providing a global stage for artisan craftsmanship, we empower artisans to preserve their heritage while rising from the depths of poverty. Recognized by National Geographic as a "vanishing art," the craftsmanship of these women teeters on the brink of obscurity, threatened by the tides of modernization and globalization. But with the access to marketplaces such as those at Row DTLA, these artisans are able to sustain their traditions and livelihoods in an ever-evolving world! We hope to be back at ROW DTLA for another pop-up soon!