The Square West Palm Beach Pop Up

A new partnership that we are thrilled to be part of is with the dynamic shopping and lifestyle destination, Rosemary Square, located in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida. We showcased Andeana Hats this past March 2021 for the first time and had a wonderful experience meeting all of you there!  

The weekend was filled with Peruvian storytelling during which Andeana co-founder Laura Grier lead a visual storytelling experience, instantly transporting you to the Sacred Valley of Peru, through photography and of course, hats. Our sustainable alpaca wool hats are handmade by Quechua Artisans in Peru and feature a woven intention band. It’s important to experience hat shopping in person as we always recommended choosing your own Quechua intention band for your Andeana Hat. You really need to choose the band that you feel the most connected with!

We wanted to thank everyone who came out to support our mission of empowering women, helping support global artisans to continue their vanishing crafts, and enabling them to support themselves to lead their communities out of poverty.

We know many of you asked if it’s too hot in Florida to wear an alpaca wool hat, so we wanted to let you know that this is the exact hat you need to keep cool. Our large brims keep the sun off of your face and neck, minimizing sun exposure. More importantly though, Alpaca wool is actually a "cooling fabric." The weather in the Andes highlands drastically changes from extreme heat and high sun radiation, to below 0 temperatures in only a matter of hours. Alpaca fleece is the reason why these furry animals can withstand such temperature swings, their wool is designed to create tiny pockets of air between fibers in order to be "breathable." 

We’ll be coming back to West Palm Beach’s shopping oasis, Rosemary Square soon, keep an eye out on our EVENTS page for more information. Thank you to Van Richardson (Insta: @vantrichardson) for snapping these photos of the Andeana Hats x Rosemary Square Pop-Up:

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