La Cosecha DC Pop-Up with Andeana Hats

We've had the pleasure of partnering with La Cosecha in Washington D.C. since 2019. We’re usually there to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in September or October and we’ve also popped up during the Spring in April a few times. We love our DC community and always look forward to showcasing our new products, along with hosting our storytelling events. Let’s look back at some of our past pop-ups at La Cosecha and Union Market and get to know what the market is all about.

Past La Cosecha Pop-Ups

La Cosecha Andeana Hats
La Cosecha Andeana Hats
La Cosecha is dedicated to showcasing the rich heritage of Latin American craftsmanship. It’s a contemporary Latin American marketplace in Washington DC that celebrates centuries of heritage. Through cultural events and partnerships with Latin American embassies, artists and tastemakers, and from food stalls to fashion boutiques, La Cosecha celebrates the diversity and creativity of Latin American communities.

 Our mission extends beyond crafting stylish headwear; we are committed to uplifting communities and preserving vanishing crafts. Our company offers a diverse selection of hats, ranging from alpaca wool blends to handwoven palm leaf straw hats. What sets us apart is our collaboration with indigenous female artisans from Peru and Guatemala, who infuse each hat with centuries-old techniques and cultural significance. 

Through events like these, we bridge continents, fostering dialogue and understanding while celebrating the shared heritage of the Americas. Our presence at La Cosecha was not merely about selling hats; it was about forging connections, sharing stories, and honoring the legacy of indigenous craftsmanship.


Let's Look Back at Our Photoshoots & Events


Pats and Laura at La COsecha DC
Black Floppy style alpaca wool handmade hat
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