National Hispanic Heritage Month at La Cosecha DC

Andeana Hats is proud to be an on-going featured vendor in La Cosecha, a contemporary marketplace in Washington D.C. celebrating Latin American culture and conversation, by telling the stories that unite the Americas: love of family, community and life; pride in values; credence in hard work; and celebration through food and art.

We’ve been popping up in this vibrant location since September 2019, and it already feels like a home away from home. Filled with Latin American wonders, there is something for everyone at La Cosecha. During our time there, we’ve participated in National Hispanic Heritage Month, a celebration that takes place annually from September 15th to October 15th showcasing the diverse cultures, stories, and contributions of Latin America.
In our case, we represent Peru, a country known for its diversity, not only in cultures and cuisines, but also in its spectacular flora and fauna. Home to the Andes Mountains, Amazon Rainforest, Paracas Desert and the Pacific Ocean, it’s no wonder there is an array of biodiversity around every corner.

We are happy to storytell, at least a small part of Peru, through Andeana and the women behind our products. We aim to help preserve dying traditional crafts by providing a global marketplace for our Artisans that are spread out across Peru in different regions. To the women of the Huilloc, Patacancha and Kelkanka communities, it is vital to pass their weaving traditions on and teach their children to be able to recreate the ancient patterns of their people so that they won’t get lost.

Peruvian embroidery artisans from Ayacucho belong to the Wari culture, which flourished pre-Inca between 800 and 1100 AD. They are weavers and embroiderers of traditional textile art that has been passed down through the generations of women for almost 2,700 years. These hand-woven textiles, made on pedal looms mainly made of alpaca and sheep’s wool, display hand embroidery techniques such as “relleno”, otherwise known as fill point and high relief. Embroiderers work with decorative motifs inspired by nature, representing local flora plants, such as walnut (brown), molle (green), chilca (yellow), and mealybug (red).

We hope you can join us next National Hispanic Heritage Month to celebrate the beauty of Latin America with all of our partners and neighbors at La Cosecha DC. See you this September 2021!

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